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Alex + Andrew’s Wedding – Crystal Tea Room, Philadelphia, PA

An amazingly over-the-top wedding for an equally amazing couple!

Jennifer and Timothy’s Wedding – The Bellevue Hotel, Philadelphia

When planning a wedding, there are so many details that bring the entire day together.  For instance – where should the place cards go or what color scheme will you choose?  With Jen and Tim, it wasn’t the accessories that made the difference.  For them, it was all about being surrounded by loved ones.  That was the detail that mattered most.

With a Starbucks coffee in hand, Tim walked through the revolving doors at the elegant Bellevue Hotel Philadelphia, ready for the day to unfold.  He and his groomsmen congregated in front of a crimson telephone booth (remember those!), while talking on their iPhone and Blackberry cells.  And as the rays of sun spilled through the windows of Jen’s bedroom, she slipped into her Rina di Montella gown.  Jen surprised her parents with wedding gifts…some that made them laugh, others that made them cry.  And as they drove to Saint Rita of Cascia Church in their Philadelphia Trolley, Jen’s parents and sister sang the ever-so-popular chorus to “Going to the Chapel”.


Jen and Tim are professional musicians.  Music is such a big part of their lives and it’s something they are both so passionate about.  Before the ceremony, sheets of music were issued with each program.  And during the ceremony, family and fellow graduates of Juilliard University performed (what will always be) a memorable piece for Jen and Tim.  Our clients are quite talented!  It was back to the Bellevue Hotel where the bride and groom, as well as family and friends, gathered around during cocktail hour to watch a slideshow presentation of Jen and Tim ‘through the years’.  And when it was time to enjoy dinner and dancing in the fabulous Rose Garden Ballroom, guests were treated to breathtaking centerpieces by Evantine Design.  Of course, the night wouldn’t have been complete without music from Big Ray and the Kool Kats, who traveled all the way from Charlottesville, VA.


Jen and Tim – in a world full of so many people, not only was it fate that brought you both together…it was music.  It is true —  music is the universal language!  Enjoy these vignettes and be sure to see more images on your personal Facebook album by clicking HERE.

Julia: Bella Bride

Julia wanted to be a bride…one more time.  And really, who can blame her?!  Julia was married 2 years ago and decided to do a Post-Bridal shoot.  She saw our last Bella Bride blog post and wanted to do something similar.  She wanted to go to a park with lots of fall color, but also loved the “grunge” look.  We knew the perfect spots!

Julia, we hope your experience with Capone Photography was a great one.  You were awesome!  Here are some of the images we created from your own personal Bella Bride shoot.  So sit back, relax, and turn up the volume.  Click the link below:

JULIA : Bella Bride

And for a few more images from Julia’s Post-Bridal, please check out our Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Our Fabulous Bride, Alexis

She’s sassy.  She’s stunning.  She’s our bride!  Could our job get any better?!  During this Post-Bridal Session, we headed to some “different” locations.  Different is always a good thing 😉  The juxtapositon of the beautiful bride and the grungy location is so cool to us.  We love thinking “outside of the box”.

We’d like to extend our thanks to Alexis.  You’re a natural, or as Tyra would say, “FIERCE”.  For some more awesome imagery, be sure to check out our Facebook page by clicking HERE.

And if you really want to get blown away, click HERE