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Great Dinner in Philly

Fabulous day and night out on the town in Philly, followed by an amazing dinner at Sbraga (compliments of my amazing kids). It doesn’t get much better when you cap it off with a picture with celebrity chef/owner.  Tremendous!

after a great meal with Top Chef Kevin Spraga
after a great meal with Top Chef Kevin Spraga

Blessed to be in Philly

The likelihood of overwhelming crowds wasn’t influential.  The panic ridden media hype wasn’t a deterrent.  The historic event of Pope Francis visiting Philadelphia was not to be missed.  It was, and will be, something to remember.

for weeks before the event, signs warned of the large crowds
for weeks before the event, signs warned of the large crowds
Even the entire Ben Franklin Bridge was closed to vehicular traffic
Even the entire Ben Franklin Bridge was closed to vehicular traffic
got our tickets to ride
got our tickets to ride


walking up to street level at 9th and Locust Street



all kinds of vendors hawking all kinds of wares
all kinds of vendors hawking all kinds of wares


media coverage was intense
media coverage was intense
the immense crowds were orderly and patient
the immense crowds were orderly and patient
even the staff at Hotel Monaco took a break to photograph the historic event
even the staff at Hotel Monaco took a break to photograph the historic event
Pope Francis arrives at Independence Hall
Pope Francis arrives at Independence Hall


Pope Francis up close. Very cool.
Pope Francis up close. Very cool.




everyone wanted to get a photo of the pontiff
Everyone wanted to get a photo of the pontiff
The Pope speaks to the crowd and dignitaries at Independence Mall
The Pope speaks to the crowd and dignitaries at Independence Mall


Thanks Caite, Jay, Natalie and all the amazing people at Hotel Monaco and Red Owl Tavern!

Artesano Gallery

Check out this video featuring one of our clients (AJ and Amanda Costanzo)
Hip venue with a great vibe for an event. Cool space, artfully prepared food.
(and Capone Photography images, of course)
Always great working with other pros.

Hangin’ out after PhotoPlus 2012 – New York City

The annual PhotoPlus Show, at the Javitts Center in Manhattan, is usually a means to an end  to see and get together with friends. The 2012 “ritual of Fall” and “after-party” had us make our way to a new mid-town bar and bistro owned by former Nicks basketball star Walt “Clyde” Frazier. “Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine”. Nice ambiance with a great vibe (and a mini basketball court). We hung out, had great drinks and appetizers in the bar-lounge area, then, because everything was so good, we stayed for dinner, too.

Shout out to our bartender Anna for great service, and GM Jennifer Jordan for the publicity pix and the official “Clyde” T-Shirts for everyone. A must visit for 2013.

Standing- Josiah, Eric, John, Jerry
Seated – Emily, Donna, Nancy, Lindsey, Karen

Drinks were great and so was the food.

Nicely appointed bar.
Artisan pizza, cold IPAs, chips with table-side made guac.
calamari, deep fried avacado (YUM), and blue point oysters.
Life is good.

Dinners, like aps, were great. And who could resist desert?

Jerry, Eric, Josiah, John —- Lindsey, Donna, Emily, Karen, Nancy
Shrimp wonderful, Shrimp amazing, and Skirt Steak supreme
NY Cheesecake (but of course), Hot apple pie a la mode (Jerry’s weakness)

As if all that wasn’t good enough, we also had our picture taken with the man himself, Walt Frazier.

Josiah. John, Donna, Eric, “Clyde”, Lindsey, Jerry, Karen, Emily and Nancy

Thanks friends………………………..Good Times!



OK, so DJ graduated. Hoo-Haah!!

After all that hard work and great accomplishment, the plan was ambitious, but simple.

Have a drink.

But that was the simple part.

The ambitious part was to have 12 drinks. (because of graduating in ’12)

At 12 different places!

So, after the actual graduation ceremony and stopping at a reception held at the Pennoni Honors hall, the journey began.

We made our way down Chestnut Street into center city.  How could we resist getting a picture of the graduate on the Chestnut Street bridge?

The new graduate ready to set the world on fire. Iconic Amtrak and 30th Street Station buildings in the background

First stop, but not officially “a” stop (because they didn’t serve cocktails), was “Fuego”, at 21st and Chestnut. Got some tortilla chips and guac, and a few bottles of Mexican soda.

ONE – First official stop was at Drinkers Pub, 19th and Chestnut. 5 pm. Local hangout. Loud and casual. Shots of Jameson.

TWO – NoChe was next. Right next to stop one, upstairs. 5:30 pm. Very cool place. Great space. Bright and hip. And how great when we found out that Happy Hour started just as we walked in. $3 beers, $5 drinks and half price on brick oven pizzas. The drinks and food were awesome. I smell a return trip here : )

man those $5 pizzas were great

THREE – Alpha was next. 17th and Walnut. 7:05 pm Way too crowded. So it was a quick shot of SoCo and Lime. One and done.

FOUR – The Happy Rooster. 16th and Sansom. 7:20 pm. Cool little place. Nice barmaid. Miserable waitress. This is where we met up with Robyn. Also, a shout out to the cool customer from Haddon Township who also was a Drexel grad and bought DJ a drink.

FIVE – Nodding Head Brewery. 15th and Sansom. 8 pm. Nice place to hang out. Super nice bartender (nice enough to take the group photo). Here’s where we met up with another of Djs classmates and her friend from Cali.

A jaunt in Philly isn’t complete without a stop on Broad with Billy Penn in the background!!

DJ and Lindsey hamming it up on Broad

SIX – Tavern on Broad. Broad Street and Walnut. What else can you say about this underground, bustling sports bar but FUN. We were singing, dancing and having a blast. Kudos to the bartender for buying DJ a redheaded slut (that’s the name of a shot, yo)

SEVEN – XIX. Broad and Walnut inside the Hyatt at the Bellevue. 9:15 pm Breathtaking view of the city from the 19th floor (hence the name). The single malt scotch tasted that much better with the amazing vista.

EIGHT – Locust Rendezvous. Locust, between 14th and 15th. 10:00 pm. Divy little bar. Noisy and crowded, but fun. Time for more drinks and more food. Cucumber melon shots, beer, loaded fries, wings, and a sampler of a bunch of stuff. Gosh, don’t recall most of this. Hmmm…..And where else can you get a set of giant beads from a total stranger at 11 pm?

NINE – Parc Rittenhouse. 18th and Walnut. 11:30 pm More drinks and more food? Basilics around the board, tuna carpaccio, wild mushroom tart, fresh baked breads and infused butter. Ooo-la-la

TEN – Wrap Shack. 18th Street, just off of Sansom. 12:30 pm.   Lagunitas IPA, Dogfish 90 min, and vodkas. Nice and informative barmaid.

ELEVEN – the Dandelion. Corner of 18th and Sansom. 1 am. Steven Starr English pub. Beer of course.

TWELVE – It became quite a challenge to find #12. Most places were closed, at least in the area we were. We walked for a bunch of blocks with no success. Closed, closed, closed, you just missed it. Then, in the distance we heard some faint noise. Down a dark, dirty alley at 13th and Drury Street we came upon McGillin’s Olde Ale House. The place was jumping!! The final stop. At 1:50 am What better way to end the night, just as we started, than with a round of Jameson shots.

As the clock on City Hall showed, it was 2:07 when we finished.

Final call was heading back home via the Speedline at 8th and Market.

What an unbelievably momentous night. That was so much fun.

Thanks DJ and congratulations again on graduating summa cum laude, with honors, and a Masters Degree from Drexel University.

DJ graduates college

The day finally arrived —  Friday, June 15, 2012.

Not just any other Friday. This day was special.

It was the day Daniel James Capone would graduate from Drexel University.

Five solid years of hard work and determination, and one of only a handful of students, DJ graduated summa cum laude,  with honors, AND a MASTERS DEGREE.

Drexel Banner, Master Degree, Honors College, Summa Cum Laude


So at 1:30 in the afternoon, the stage was set, the place was packed, and the students began to enter into the room. It was a great moment when the students graduating summa cum laude were asked to stand up..

stage, students enter, a packed room, DJ stands for summa cum laude announcement

The keynote speaker was internationally recognized environmentalist, biologist, and author Dr. Paul Ehrlich.

Afterwards, DJ accepts his diploma from school president, John Fry.

DJ gets his diploma from school president John Fry

then congratulated by Provost Mark Greenberg, College of Arts and Sciences Dean, Donna Murasko, and Dean of Students, David Ruth.

….and of course mugging for the crowd  : )

DJ mugs for the audience

Afterward, DJ poses with “Mario” the Drexel dragon statue.

DJ and “Mario”, Drexel Dragon mascot and statue on campus at 33rd and Market


DJ in cap and gown



pdn Photo Plus Show – New York, NY

Rite of fall.

Javitts for the Photo Convention, then out to dinner with friends in the business.  Picture taken at La Mela restaurant in Little Italy with a crew of crazies.  Good fun, great times. Never often enough.

Shout outs to Michelle, Joe, Harry, Donna, Don, Janice, Gator, Phil, Owen, and the entire bunch for a terrific night out.  And thanks to Marvin for passing the group photo along.