Sweet Caroline!

The other day, we had the pleasure of meeting the newest little client of ours – “Caroline.”  Sabrina and Robert have been clients of ours since before their wedding, and now we get to see them transition into first time parents. We love our job!

Caroline is absolutely precious and so alert at only 1 month old! And what a head of hair!  Fabulous.  We’re looking forward to seeing Caroline grow into her toddler years. They’ll be here before Sabrina and Robert know it.

Congratulations to our Winners!

Happy Friday Everyone!

We’re happy to announce that there were many of you that responded to our “We’ve gone Bananas” post, and because of that we are pleased to announce the 5 winners from the contest.  Unfortunately, some of you responded a bit too late.  (Some of you even missed it by minutes!!)  Better luck next time.  In fact, make sure you check back to see any further promotions we are offering. 

So now (drum roll please)…congratulations to the following:

  • C. Stone – FIRST  to respond within 2 hours of post!!
  • J. Krulikowski
  • C. Kennedy
  • C. Ratcliffe
  • B. Levinworth

To claim your FREE 11×14 print, please contact our office NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 2009.  We look forward to hearing from our winners!! 

– Team Capone

Capone Photography is Facebooking!

Yes, it’s true.  We’ve been a part of MySpace for some time now, so it’s only fitting we try something new (at least to us) and different.  So far, so good!  We’re ecstatic to see so many of you have already become our “fans.” 

So why are we bringing this to your attention?  Well, we’d love to have YOU be part of our page.  It’s easy.  If you have a Facebook account, just search our name (Capone Photography) and our logo will appear.  Then just click “Become a fan,” and that’s it!  As easy as 1-2-3.  Isn’t technology great?

Don’t have a Facebook account?  That’s easy too, and fun.  Connect with family, friends…and US!

Not only can you get your fix of Team Capone via blog and MySpace, but now you can check up on us via Facebook.  Be sure to take a peak at our albums, leave messages on our wall, and even comment on discussions we post.  See you there!  😉


– John, Nancy, and Lindsey

Elliott Wedding

Q:   When you’ve been recognized as one of the industry’s Top 25 videographers and you’re getting married, who do you choose to video your wedding?

A:   2 of the best from Pennsylvania, 1 from Texas, and 1 from Ireland.  You do the math!!  And of course, you get Capone Photography to photograph the event.  🙂

"Thumper", Darrell, Chris, and Maurice
"Thumper", Darrell, Chris, and Maurice
Well…Glen and Violet (of GM Elliott Videography) finally tied the knot, and we couldn’t be happier for them.  We started off the month of February with this truly avant-garde couple.  You’ll get a sneak peak of some of the interesting locations we were at this day, not to mention the snow!  Glen and Violet are absolute troopers and our fearless couple to bare the snowy grounds, yet still look like supermodels.  We would like to extend a sincere thanks to the new Mr. and Mrs. Elliott, for allowing us to take part in their amazing day!

Pete and the Magic Knee

So, this past Monday, father, father-in-law and Pop-pop Pete had knee replacement surgery. A remarkable, yet painfully challenging operation for anyone.

Unbelievable the day after surgery, Pete's up and readyto go.
Unbelievable the day after surgery, Pete's up and ready to go.

But pete is 84 years young. He dances almost weekly, and has quite a ‘cult’ following whenhe belts out his terrific rendition of ‘Ole Blue Eyes’ tunes at local clubs and parties.

Daughter Nancy ("with the smiling face") checks out some minor swelling on her dad's hands
Daughter Nancy ("with the laughing face") checks out some minor swelling on her dad's hands

He’s in rehab now, but we have every reason to believe that he will, at his age, make the therapists and doctors alike, scratch their heads in amazement with his remakable progress and recovery.

Way to go Dad! Hope none of us has to go through the same thing, but if we do, hope we can be as resilient and determined as you. Get well soon. You’ll be kickin’ it out in no time.

OK, so he had a little leftover morphine in him, and perhaps the codiene was doing its thing, but Pete still had a smile and a laugh--even through the pain.
OK, so he had a little leftover morphine in him, and perhaps the codiene was doing its thing, but Pete still had a smile and a laugh--even through the pain.
Pensive moment? Nope. That's Pete just being silly.
Pensive moment? Nope. That's just 'Pe-tare' being silly.

Burke Wedding – The Atrium, at the Curtis Center, Philadelphia, PA

Megan and Greg’s relationship dates back to their freshman year at Gloucester Catholic. Talk about high school sweethearts!

Their ’09 winter wedding definitely lived up to it’s time of the year..it was REALLY cold this day, but Megan, Greg, their family, and friends really kept our minds off of the fact we couldn’t feel our shutter finger!  Thanks for hangin’ in there everyone!!

We started at the Omni Hotel in Philadelphia and carried out the Philly theme throughout the course of the day. Their ceremony was at the beautiful Saint Mary’s Church in Gloucester, NJ. Followed by the reception (back over in Philadelphia) at the Curtis Center, catered by Cescaphe. We did a lot of traveling that day!! 🙂

Congratulations Megan and Greg!

The wind helped with this picture, but also helped with the single digit temperatures!!

LOVE this picture.  It really shows how much fun they were having.  How often do you get to walk the streets of Philadelphia…in a wedding dress?!

So because Megan and Greg met at Gloucester Catholic High School, it was only natural that we roamed the halls and captured some killer imagery!


So after countless snow threats, and nothing but flurries here and there, we FINALLY got some winter snow.  You know it’s legit when you have to bring out the ice scraper and brush off your car.  haha.  We know it’s February, but better late than never!  We guess the Groundhog was right afterall.

Last night, we captured the beauty of Mother Nature’s winter wonderland.  We’re planning on bringing some of these to Hallmark Cards in the near future!! 🙂  Get out the sleds, make a snowman and have some fun!  Enjoy everyone, and have a great Wednesday!

McGinley Family

Melanie and Bob were graced with the precious gift of their new daughter, Cassidy.  They came to us with ideas of tender interaction with one another.  Even Melanie chuckled and said, “she’s daddy’s little girl!” 

We have to admit, we really had a fun time during this family portrait.  And even though Cassidy is only 2 months old, she definitely flashed us her charming baby smile every now and then!!  We’re looking forward to seeing (and working with) them in the sessions to follow.  We can’t wait to see how Cassidy will grow…

There's that smile.  Such a cutie pie!
There's that smile. Such a cutie pie!

Economy and the new year

Speaking to all kinds of people from all walks of life and all types of jobs (including our industry professionals), this unprecedented bear of an economy that now exists is REAL. According to what others are telling us, people are waiting longer to make decisions, cutting back or afraid to spend, and generally reluctant to make commitments. Retail is suffering, and industry is hurting. Have people lost faith in the institution of quality and professionalism, only to settle for mediocrity?

I have stock in McDonald’s and glad to see they’re doing better, but is this a function of the new “taste” of the American public?  Based on their perceived economic situation. it’s sad to think that people regard this as ‘good enough’, instead of enjoying the experience of a truly great meal. Imagine if people took this same tact when researching or visiting their physician?  There are few things that can replace the “experience”, peace of mind, and joy of a quality product and service.

Thankfully, our business is maintaining a steady keel. We are blessed with great clients.  Maybe because we produce a nice product. We’d like to think that people like us.  But maybe, just, maybe, it’s because we care.


Our award winning photography team is located in New Jersey. Serving Philadelphia, New York and the entire Delaware Valley, Capone Photography is also available for travel world wide.