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Renee + Joe’s Wedding | Atlantic City Country Club


If we could sum up Renee and Joe’s wedding with just one word, without a doubt, it would be “stunning”.  Whether it was the vintage 1938 Packard, touches of rhinestones and pearls, or the romantic candle decor at Atlantic City Country Club…Renee and Joe were all about the details!  It was the perfect day from beginning to end, and we are so thankful we were there to take part.

Congratulations to this lovely couple, their families and friends!  Here are a few of our favorite images from their wedding day…



©CaponePhotography_004    ©CaponePhotography_005











Leah + Allen’s Wedding | Brigalia’s, Sicklerville, NJ

The key.  It represents knowledge, mystery, initiation, and curiosity.  It also represents new ways and answers, which is symbolic of Leah and Allen’s wedding day.  New ways – Leah and Allen will become one and begin a new journey together as husband and wife.  Answers – their entire life had changed when they met one another, answering  the question, “who will I spend the rest of my life with?”  It was apparent to both Leah and Allen that they had found their soul mate.

Here are a few of the many images from their wedding day…


BrownellWedding_0025   BrownellWedding_0032

Allen’s details included key cufflinks (of course!) and his grandfather’s Rolex watch.  While is grandfather isn’t here physically, he and his mom shared in a memory of “Pop”.



Leah’s “vintage vibe” was nothing short of spectacular!  Her David Tutera lace gown was glowing with beauty as it hung by a crystal chandelier.  Simply breathtaking…

BrownellWedding_0165   BrownellWedding_0183


Leah and Allen had their reveal at Brigalia’s.  They shared laughs, tears and many hugs…

BrownellWedding_0262   BrownellWedding_0279



BrownellWedding_0504   BrownellWedding_0537




BrownellWedding_0806   BrownellWedding_0809


Congratulations, Leah and Allen!  Thank you for allowing us to photograph one of the most important days of your lives.



Tiffany and Joe’s Wedding | Brigalia’s, Sicklerville, NJ

Tiffany and Joe’s wedding was a day of excitement, a day of anticipation and a day of togetherness.  They are truly fortunate to have surrounded themselves with amazing family and wonderful friends, but more importantly…they have found each other to spend the rest of their lives with!

It seems like only yesterday when we first sat down with Tiffany and Joe to discuss all of the details leading up to their wedding.  Believe it or not – that was about a year and a half ago!  And then suddenly, in the blink of an eye, it felt like we instantly woke up to May 1, 2015.

Here are some of our favorite images from Tiffany and Joe’s wedding…

CaloieroWedding_0050  CaloieroWedding_0053

The color palette for Tiffany and Joe’s wedding was inspired by a vintage theme.  Shades of pink, ivory and white were complimented by diamonds and sparkly goodness…

CaloieroWedding_0121    CaloieroWedding_0206


CaloieroWedding_0447    CaloieroWedding_0544



Tiffany and Joe – Congratulations on this very special moment in your lives.  We can’t thank you enough for having us and we sincerely appreciate your love of what we do!