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Coldplay at Susquehanna Center

I’m slacking just a little bit.  I meant to post these the other day, but things over here have been a bit busy.  Thank goodness!  🙂

On May 26, my brother (the elusive Capone) and I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Coldplay concert (thanks to Dad’s crazy bidding war — see Blog Post dated May 14th), held at the Susquehanna Center in Camden, NJ .  We had VIP seating and were so close, I could almost touch Chris Martin. (haha…I wish!)  They played a ton of their best hits, some oldies but goodies as well as the latest and greatest.  Everything from Yellow, The Scientist, Clocks, Strawberry Swing, and of course…Viva La Vida.  I just wanted to share with all of you, a few images that I was able to grab that night.  Unfortunately, I could only bring my “point and shoot” digital camera, but it still got the job done.  Enjoy the images and if you have never seen Coldplay in concert before….GO!


– Lindsey

Coldplay Collage for Blog