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Kim + Shawn’s Wedding | Cape May, NJ


Wedding 1 of 2 this weekend was absolutely beautiful!  This picture perfect Cape May wedding was everything that Kim and Shawn could have asked for.

An intimate gathering of close family and friends watched on as the couple professed their love at the stunning Cape May Rotary Park.  Afterward, everyone walked right across the street to Elaine’s – Cape May, where they enjoyed outside cocktails, delicious bites and bean bag games on the front lawn!  The entire day was so laid back, and filled with love and excitement for this wonderful couple.

Kim and Shawn, thank you for allowing us to photograph one of the most important days of your lives.  It truly was an honor, and we can’t express just how happy we are for you and your families.  Congratulations!


©CaponePhotography_005    ©CaponePhotography_006










Lisa and David’s Wedding | Downtown Club, Cescaphe Event Group

Lisa and David’s “destination” wedding took place in Philadelphia, on an absolutely gorgeous fall day.  From the moment we walked into the suite at Hotel Monaco, you could tell that Lisa and David are surrounded by so much love!  It’s no wonder these two hit it off when they met at a speed dating event.  Their relationship was truly meant to be.

Lisa and David, thank you for allowing us into your lives and for giving us the opportunity to photograph one of the most important days in your relationship.  Mazel Tov!

KellerWedding_0027    KellerWedding_0067


As a wedding day gift, David surprised Lisa with a beautiful Lagos bracelet…

KellerWedding_0148    KellerWedding_0155

KellerWedding_0241    KellerWedding_0261

David and his groomsmen were so much fun and up for anything.  Including posing along side of “The Signer” …

KellerWedding_0287    KellerWedding_0298

Lisa and David decided to see each other prior to their ceremony.  Their first look was so emotional, even people passing by couldn’t help but watch…

KellerWedding_0360    KellerWedding_0376






Lisa and David’s wedding actually took place ON Halloween.  So for some laughs the bridal party surprised L&D with some pearly white fangs…


…and then Lisa and David got in on the fun!



KellerWedding_0722    KellerWedding_0730

KellerWedding_0750    KellerWedding_0753


The Downtown Club is one of Cescaphe Event Group’s most recent venues.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it, the ballroom is stunning and the views are breathtaking!

KellerWedding_0827    KellerWedding_0846

To include a little more Halloween flare, each of the reception tables had handmade chocolates with “spook-tacular” details, courtesy of Lore’s Chocolates


We were able to snag Lisa and David for a ballroom shot, prior to the guests entering.  How gorgeous are the centerpieces created by Beautiful Blooms?!


KellerWedding_0876    KellerWedding_0904





Ashley and Chris’ Wedding – Ballroom at the Ben, Philadelphia

One of the greatest places to take wedding images is in Philadelphia.  Whether it’s a park or iconic location, the city has so many great opportunities for creating such memorable images!  Ashley and Chris’ wedding covered all of those bases…and then some.

Their 7-11 wedding started off at the Loew’s Hotel Philadelphia


BarkerWedding_0124  BarkerWedding_0136

And what bride isn’t complete without her Monique Lhuillier gown straight from the glamorous racks of  Kleinfeld?

BarkerWedding_0029  BarkerWedding_0246

A quick stop to a local convenient store was a MUST for Ashley and Chris’ wedding day.  After all, they did get married on 7-11…


BarkerWedding_0504  BarkerWedding_0656

Another wonderful part of Philadelphia happens to be Finley Catering and their beautiful wedding venues throughout the area.  Ashley and Chris decided upon the “European ambiance” of the Ballroom at the Ben



BarkerWedding_0701  BarkerWedding_0697





Ashley and Chris you will most certainly live “Happily Ever After”.  From all of us at Capone Photography – Congratulations!

Lindsey and Ed’s Wedding – Barcelona, Spain | Palau Requesens

It’s quite the funny thing, being on the “other side”.  And when I say “funny”, I really mean “awesome”.

Being in the wedding industry for as long as I have, I’ve always been the photographer…never the bride.  So after getting engaged to the love of my life, it was finally time to start planning my OWN wedding.  Easy, right?!  Absolutely NOT!  Planning our wedding had an extra added twist, since my husband and I decided that we wanted a destination wedding in Barcelona.  For those of you who have never been there, here’s my suggestion – GO.  Do not hesitate, do not think.  Just get out there one day and visit.  It’s without a doubt (and not because I have sentimental attachment to it), one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been.  I mean, just look…


Barcelona_0020 Barcelona_0033

So anyway, back to wedding talk…

First, my apologies.  This blog is well overdue however, after returning home from our European excursion (which included our wedding in Barcelona, followed by a honeymoon to Paris, Florence, Rome and Venice), reality eventually set in.  Basically, our clients’ images took massive precedence over my own Winking smile

Because our wedding was overseas, we knew it wasn’t going to be practical for most of our guests to travel such distances.  Our event was a smaller, more intimate gathering with a total of 14 people.  In all honesty, I couldn’t imagine having it any other way!  We got to do things together as a group – not just the day of the wedding (obviously), but also before and after.  We got to go on a daylong tour and see some of the most amazing sights, we were able watch the World Cup with the locals, we sipped cava at Freixenet, we experienced delicious Catalan cuisine and indulged in a much needed Recovery Brunch.  No matter what we did or where we went, we did it TOGETHER.  To experience Europe is one thing, but to get the opportunity to do it with family and friends is another.

Here we are at one of the stops of our day long tour.  If you ever want to take a private, guided tour through the city, BE SURE to call Barcelona Guide Bureau.  They provided top notch service from beginning to end, complete with your own personal guide who gives all the back stories and history on each of the visited sights.  This image was taken at one of the MANY places we toured.  It’s called Mirador de l’Alcalde, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and city of Barcelona…


Our wedding was held on 12-13-14 at a really cool area in Barcelona, called the Gothic Quarter (or as they say in Catalan, “Barri Gòtic”).  So, of all the places…in all the world…how did I find THAT particular area?  Before my husband and I knew we wanted to have our wedding in Barcelona, we did a LOT of online searching.  It’s basically how we found every vendor for our event!  Considering that none of us had ever been to Spain before, finding the right people for the job was a bit of a challenge in the planning process.  But we got through it and did ALL the planning on our own, with special thanks to the internet, email and Skype.

…I digress…

While searching for images of European cities, we kept coming across these gorgeous historic buildings with elaborate “Old World Style” Gothic detail.  Now, anyone who knows me, knows my love for the juxtaposition between “pretty” and “grunge” in photographs.  So just imagine my excitement when we stumbled upon such amazing images of stone architecture in the beautiful city of Barcelona.  It was at that moment I knew our wedding would be in one of Spain’s most beautiful cities.

You’re probably thinking, “Lindsey, could you please stop rambling already and get to the GOODS.  Let’s see some pictures!”.  To which I’d reply “You’re right”.  But first, I have to give a huge shout out to my photographers.  Ever since I was little, I’ve been asked “so who photographs the photographer’s wedding?”  The answer to that – some of the best in the world.  My husband and I knew that our pictures would be THEE most important thing about our wedding.  Pictures are the only thing you get to walk away with at the end of the day, and the one thing you will get to look back on to remember the moments.  Perhaps it’s because I’m a photographer that I feel that way, but in reality, it’s the truth.  In fact, our photographers were the very FIRST thing that we had settled upon before anything else about our wedding.  With that said, we trusted the amazing talents and artistry of Ryan Schembri and Rocco Ancora, both of whom hail from Australia.  *P.S., if you check out Ryan’s website, you’ll see one of our images (aerial view) in the string of wedding photos!*  We were very fortunate to have Ryan and Rocco join us in Spain to document our wedding, as well as join our group festivities.  Our sincerest thanks to the both of them for creating such memorable images.

Without further adieu, here are a few of my favorite images from our wedding…

007_XSiGHT_EdLindsey_0035   026_XSiGHT_EdLindsey_0114

030_XSiGHT_EdLindsey_0182   031_XSiGHT_EdLindsey_0177


Because our wedding ceremony and reception were all held at one location, we opted to do a “first look” or “reveal”.  Hands down the greatest option…EVER.  Embracing one another in that very moment of seeing each other for the first time, is priceless!  And we aren’t ashamed to admit – we both cried.





OH!  And I can’t forget to mention the amazing flamenco company that got the party started.  Because when you’re in Spain, it’s kind of mandatory to have a flamenco group perform, right?!




Those are just SOME of my favorites, but I have a MILLION more!  While a picture says a thousand words, I’ll let this slideshow say the rest.  Here is a highlight video from our entire wedding day, beginning to end.  This show is actually an album design put together by Ryan Schembri’s wife (Jessica), which had been entered into competition at WPPI this past February/March.  If you’re anything like me – grab some tissues.  You might need a few.  Enjoy!

Now that I’ve experienced wedding planning and being a bride, I understand why couples can get a little overwhelmed.  So here’s my advice – Relax.  Enjoy.  Take it all in.  Have fun.  Let’s face it – things may happen, but you’ve hired professionals to do what they do best.  You’ve dotted every “i”  and crossed every “t”, so there’s no sense in worrying about the little things.  You plan your wedding for so long (in my case, 3 years), so now it’s time to just sit back and enjoy everything that’s been put together.  I’ll tell you this for sure – the entire day will go by in the BLINK of an eye.  It’s as if someone hit the fast forward button and somehow multiplied the speed by 1,000.  That being said, ENJOY EVERY SINGLE MOMENT, because at the end of the day, it’s all a memory.

I can say, without a doubt, that I would do EVERYTHING all over again, no questions asked.  The entire trip was a dream come true and I finally get to say I’m married.


xo ~ Lindsey (the new Mrs.)


*Much praise, kudos and thanks to all of the following vendors who were a part of our day:

Bride’s dress – Vera Wang (Harlow gown in dove grey), New York

Bride’s custom jacket – Irina Sigal Dressmaker, Philadelphia

Bride’s shoes – Jimmy Choo (navy lace)

Wedding gown form – La Yaya Costurera

Bride’s earrings – Tang’s Jewelry, Philadelphia.  Gifts from Mama and Papa Capone Smile

Bride’s hair and make up – Carmina Camps

Groom’s suit – Windsor Custom, New York

Hotel Accommodations – Hotel Bagues

Photography – XSiGHT, Sydney

Wedding Venue – Palau Requesens

Catering – Gourmet Paradis

Florist – Gang and the Wool

Ceremony Officiate – Xavier Ortiz

Acoustic Guitarist – Cris Rodriguez

Entertainment – FestaMusic Grup and Jarana (flamenco)