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Little Miss Danica | First Birthday


The other day, we had the pleasure of photographing Miss Danica’s First Birthday session…and it was absolute perfection.  But we already knew that would be the case!  We were so excited to photograph Dani, along with “big sister” Jersey, as well as mom and dad.  No matter how old Miss Dani gets, one thing remains the same – this family has an incredible bond that we are so honored to capture with every milestone in their life.

Happy Birthday, Danica!







Aislinn’s First Birthday


AislinnMurphy_1 Year_0039

There’s something about a pretty little girl with big blue eyes, an infectious laugh and a huge personality that make for a great first birthday session.  Miss Aislinn (as well as mom and dad) were such a pleasure to work with.  We can’t wait until we get to photograph each milestone in their family’s life.

Here are some of our favorite images from Aislinn’s First Birthday photo session…

AislinnMurphy_1 Year_0007

AislinnMurphy_1 Year_0001

AislinnMurphy_1 Year_0013




Miss Jayda | First Birthday Portraits

Although she isn’t the big O-N-E just yet, Jayda’s mom and dad are 10 steps ahead of the game.  This loving little beauty is so full of personality and charm, it’s no wonder she was such a pleasure to photograph!

If you didn’t get the chance to see Jayda’s “Same Day Teaser” photo, be sure to do so by clicking HERE.  This entire set was designed to include butterflies and roses – sentimental pieces to this family.  And while that was just one of our favorite images, here are a few more that we wanted to share…

JaydaDonnelly_1 Year_0017

A first birthday cake smash is always fun to photograph, and while it may get messy…

JaydaDonnelly_1 Year_0034    JaydaDonnelly_1 Year_0048

…Jayda’s BFF, Cody, was right there to lend a helping paw Winking smile

JaydaDonnelly_1 Year_0046

Marcus’ First Birthday

There’s something about a First Birthday that makes for some of the best studio designs!  Probably because it’s a perfect way to incorporate fun props relating to the party’s “theme”.

For Marcus, it’s all about PLANES, so you can only imagine our excitement when his mom said she was bringing along the AMAZING airplane cart seen in the first photo!  Not to mention Marcus wore the most adorable crocheted aviator hat with goggles to compliment the overall look.

We want to wish Marcus the happiest of first birthdays!  Here are some of our favorites from his session…

Marcus_1 Year_0017

When your dad’s a chef, it’s only natural to have your own chef hat, jacket and measuring spoons…

Marcus_1 Year_0041

Marcus_1 Year_0026

Jake ‘s First Birthday

Just like his big sister, Jake has such a vibrant personality.  This little guy is full of charm and smiles, which made our job super easy when photographing his First Birthday portraits.  We knew Jake loves sports, so with our “Take Me out to the Ballgame” design, we had a feeling it would be a home run Winking smile

Happy Birthday, Jake!  We are so thankful we could capture this momentous occasion and look forward to seeing you again.

Here are some of our favorites from the session…

JakeAblon_1 Year_0007

Jake and his big sister shared some sibling love…

JakeAblon_1 Year_0033

…only to follow up with some sibling “goofing off”!

JakeAblon_1 Year_0025

Miss Laney | First Birthday Portraits

The cutest of smiles, the brightest of blue eyes and the most adorable personality are all the makings of a most memorable First Birthday portrait!  Fortunately, Laney had all of those characteristics…and then some.

We never had the privilege of meeting Laney prior to this session, but looking to the future, we know that grass, petals, leaves and bubbles are a sure bet in keeping this beautiful little girl occupied Winking smile

Here are a few of our favorite images from Laney’s session…

LaneyCalaman_1 Year_0008   LaneyCalaman_1 Year_0035

Because when you turn the big ONE, you should definitely spell it out…

LaneyCalaman_1 Year_0060   LaneyCalaman_1 Year_0062   LaneyCalaman_1 Year_0063

Miss Madison Turns ONE

It seems like only yesterday when Miss Madison (…along with mom and dad) came to visit us for her newborn session.  She was a tiny little beauty full of smiles at only 1 month old.  Just 8 months later, we got to photograph Madison’s 9 month session.  While she may have grown up just a bit, one thing most certainly remained the same – all of those smiles!  And now, we got the chance to celebrate one of many milestones in Madison’s life, as she turned one.

Here are some of our favorites (and there are definitely MANY more) from Madison’s 1 year session…

MadisonWelsh_16 Months_0017

Madison’s mom got this absolutely GORGEOUS cake made just for this occasion…

MadisonWelsh_16 Months_0074

MadisonWelsh_16 Months_0092

…because a first birthday celebration just wouldn’t be complete without a cake smash!  We’re guessing that Madison loved the cake because once she started, she didn’t want to stop.

MadisonWelsh_16 Months_0102

Happy First Birthday, Brooke Lynn!

It started with her newborn portraits.

Followed by her 9 month session.

Now, Brooke Lynn is the big ONE!  A celebratory child portrait session full of ‘happy birthday song’ and cake.  LOTS of cake!


To see Brooke Lynn’s ‘Same Day’ first birthday teaser image, check it out on our Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Cianna – Through the Year

“She’s turning one!?!  Already?” , were the words we exclaimed when Frank and Kristin set up Cianna’s 1 Year portraits.  It’s as if it were yesterday that we stood in the studio with Kristin and Frank, discussing newborn Cianna’s bedroom decor, followed by the next session when we chatted about 6 month old Cianna’s Christening, to now…as we spoke of her first birthday party that is being planned.

It all started with their prenatal session, when they were Anticipating Baby Cianna’s Arrival


Cianna had arrived and at just 12 Days New, she was the sweetest little bundle of joy…


Cianna was “tu-tu” cute when she came in for her 6 Month session…


And now at 1 year old, Cianna is such a beautiful little girl with so much personality… 


Cianna’s parents should be nothing short of proud…and we’re sure they are exactly that!  We look forward to photographing so many more memories with Cianna, Kristin and Frank.  It’s been a pleasure.  For more of Cianna’s 1 year portraits, go to her personal Facebook album by clicking HERE.

Tessa Turns One

So, you say it’s your birthday?!  Along with her mom and dad, Tessa came to our studio for her first year portrait…on her birthday.  So a celebration was a must.  We danced, sang “Happy Birthday” and even laughed along as Tessa indulged in a yummy chocolate cupcake.  She was an absolute joy to photograph, and her parents were an absolute joy to watch entertain Tessa!!


We’re so excited we could capture Tesssa’s first year photos, and we’re looking forward to watching Tessa grow through her toddler years!  For more images of Tessa’s studio portraits, check out her personal Facebook album by clicking HERE.