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Marcy and David’s Wedding – The Atrium at the Curtis Center, Philadelphia, PA

They held hands and walked through Washington Park.  In the distance, a man sat on a bench strumming his guitar.  Marcy and David embraced the moment and began dancing, twirling and laughing.  They considered it practice before their first official dance as husband and wife.  And while Marcy and David danced to the man playing his guitar, love must have been in the air!  Another couple who spent the afternoon in the park, stood by and watched.  They hugged each other and began dancing along with Marcy and David.  Love is a beautiful thing!



Marcy and David – your day was so much fun, and we want to thank you for letting us be there to celebrate.  Congratulations!  For more images from Marcy and David’s wedding at the Curtis Center, check out their personal Facebook album by clicking HERE.