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Miss Annarose | 6 Month Portraits


What better way to start this drab, rainy day, than with a beautiful rainbow baby?!  We just couldn’t get enough of Annarose – her lovely personality, her pretty eyes, and her glowing smile.  This little girl lights up a room wherever she goes, and we are incredibly grateful to have photographed this next milestone in her life.  Miracles can happen, and she is a shining example of that!

Here are just some of the many…MANY images that we love…






Baby Mateo | Newborn Session


One of the greatest compliments we could ever receive, is when our wedding clients come back to visit us with their newest bundle of joy!  As a photographer, our job is to capture the most memorable occasions in your life – and having your very first child is definitely one of those moments.  Just recently, we were honored to spend some time with Mateo (just 5 days new) and his parents.  This little prince was a PLEASURE, and truly made our job that much easier.  Congratulations to this beautiful family of 3!

Mateo, Megan and Miteswar – we look forward to continuing on this journey with you, allowing us to photograph all of Mateo’s upcoming milestones.  Here’s to new beginnings…


CaponePhotography2017_001    CaponePhotography2017_003



Engagement Picture Locations – Make It All About YOU

A lot of our clients will ask us for our professional opinion when it comes to picture locations.  Especially when it’s time for their GTKY session.  There are so many different places to go, and while we can always recommend the perfect location, we always suggest that you ultimately choose somewhere that has meaning to you…as a couple.

Your engagement session could be a great time for Save the Dates or maybe used for table numbers at your wedding reception.  In either case, be sure to incorporate something that has significance to the both of you.


Of course, there’s always the time of the year.  It could be that you’re a fan of the vibrant colors during the fall season, or you spend most of your time together down the shore in the summer, or maybe you’d prefer making Snow Angels in the winter months.

LIN_1571 copyLIN_1708LIN_2927

Then again, there’s always the location where he asked the question and you said, “YES!”  In an instance such as this, the sky is the limit for places to go.  Citizens Bank Park, that perfect little coffee shop in the city or even at your favorite restaurant while you DO|AC.  These are just some of the many backdrops that make for your ideal engagement session!




So no matter the time of the year, the place you got engaged or if the session incorporates some kind of sentimental “prop”…the most important thing, regardless of where it is, is to be yourself.  That’s what makes your session unique and all about YOU!