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Miss Annarose | 6 Month Portraits


What better way to start this drab, rainy day, than with a beautiful rainbow baby?!  We just couldn’t get enough of Annarose – her lovely personality, her pretty eyes, and her glowing smile.  This little girl lights up a room wherever she goes, and we are incredibly grateful to have photographed this next milestone in her life.  Miracles can happen, and she is a shining example of that!

Here are just some of the many…MANY images that we love…






Baby Mateo | Newborn Session


One of the greatest compliments we could ever receive, is when our wedding clients come back to visit us with their newest bundle of joy!  As a photographer, our job is to capture the most memorable occasions in your life – and having your very first child is definitely one of those moments.  Just recently, we were honored to spend some time with Mateo (just 5 days new) and his parents.  This little prince was a PLEASURE, and truly made our job that much easier.  Congratulations to this beautiful family of 3!

Mateo, Megan and Miteswar – we look forward to continuing on this journey with you, allowing us to photograph all of Mateo’s upcoming milestones.  Here’s to new beginnings…


CaponePhotography2017_001    CaponePhotography2017_003



Miss Juliet | Newborn Session

We’ve been pretty busy in the studio recently with so many newborn sessions.  Which makes us super happy because we get to photograph a bunch of baby cuties!

Juliet is one of those adorable babes.  Dressed in her most fabulous “Minnie Mouse” attire, this little girl was such a pleasure to work with.  Plus, mom and dad were pretty awesome, too!  Winking smile

Juliet brought along some friends to share in all of the newborn fun!  Be sure to check out her “ Same Day Teaser” here, and for more baby-session-cuteness-overload, enjoy these images as well…


JulietRamtahal_Newborn_0014    JulietRamtahal_Newborn_0028




Miss Elena | Newborn Session

ElenaRossi_6 Weeks_0011

One of the greatest parts about our job is having the opportunity to photograph growing families.  It’s one of the most celebratory times in a couple’s life, and one that should most definitely be documented.  For Lauren and Chris, they were blessed with their first child, Elena.  This lovely little lady was highlighted on our Facebook page not too long ago, when we showed off her “Same Day Teaser”.  Is she not the most precious little Sleeping Beauty?

Here are some of our favorites from Elena’s Newborn Session.  Which one is your favorite? …

ElenaRossi_6 Weeks_0014

ElenaRossi_6 Weeks_0004    ElenaRossi_6 Weeks_0043



Introducing, Annarose | Newborn Session

Just a few months ago, Celeste and John were anticipating the arrival of their beautiful baby girl, Annarose.  This precious bundle of joy is nothing short of a miracle…in so many ways.  You see, Annarose is a “Rainbow Baby” as well as a big sister.  So in anticipation of her arrival, we envisioned a photograph that would showcase all of Annarose’s rainbow beauty.  If you didn’t get to see this portrait, be sure to click HERE.

Celeste, John and Annarose – you three are not only the epitome of love, but you are also one of the strongest families we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Thank you for allowing us the greatest honor of photographing this momentous time in your lives.

Here are a few of our favorite images from Annarose’s newborn session…


This first image is truly special.  Wearing a “little embryo that could” onesie and holding her very first ultrasound photo, we surrounded Annarose in a heart that is made of the things that “assisted” in her development <3


“…there is no better friend than a sister”





Baby Boy, Luca | Newborn Session

LucaBigwood_7 DaysOld_0007

It seems like only yesterday that we photographed a “Family of 3 Maternity”.  That’s probably because it was only a little over a month ago that we actually did Winking smile  As destiny would have it, Luca made his early arrival and we could not wait to photograph his adorable face.  This little man is absolutely precious – big eyes, tiny fingers and toes, and a smile (that happens often during his sweet dreams) that will definitely melt your heart.  It’s for certain that Luca was welcomed with so much love by his mom, dad and big sister…and we are so thrilled we could document this momentous occasion!

Here are a few of our favorites from this wonderful newborn session…

LucaBigwood_7 DaysOld_0030

LucaBigwood_7 DaysOld_0037

LucaBigwood_7 DaysOld_0032


Baby Girl Isla | Newborn Session

IslaWelsh_11 DaysOld_0009

It’s no secret.  Our clients become our friends for life.  With that amazing bond we build, comes the opportunity to photograph so many memorable events in their lives.  This family is the perfect example of that, since we’ve been through amazing journeys together for 8 years!

It started with an engagement session, followed by an unbelievable wedding, then photographing their first portraits as a family of 3, to adding one more beautiful baby girl to make them a little family of 4.  We are so flattered to know that our imagery will be a part of their future, as they always look back on these precious memories.

Here are a few of our favorite images from Isla’s newborn session…

IslaWelsh_11 DaysOld_0041

IslaWelsh_11 DaysOld_0020

IslaWelsh_11 DaysOld_0023

IslaWelsh_11 DaysOld_0036




Baby John | Newborn Session

Baby John is a true blessing, and we are so thankful that we got to photograph this special time.  At just 6 Days “new”, this bundle of joy is most certainly the apple of his mom and dad’s eye.  This perfect family of 3 is nothing but love – and that’s exactly what we wanted to portray during this newborn session.

Here are just some of our favorites…


Always love when a baby is mid-yawn.  After all, it’s what they do most of the time Winking smile


JohnCaulk_Newborn_0004    JohnCaulk_Newborn_0009

Baby Logan | Newborn

It’s tough for us to put into words how amazing it is to be a part of people’s lives.  Whether it’s a wedding or a family milestone, we appreciate our loyal patrons (but really, their more like friends) who respect our creativity and expertise.  It’s truly an honor to preserve everyone’s story through our imagery.

Stephanie and Dan are some of those wonderful clients!  They reached out to us right after the arrival of their son, Logan.  At just a few days old, this bright eyed, handsome little man  was all about working the camera.  He was also ALL about sleeping!

Here are some of our favorite images from Logan’s newborn session…


Ten little fingers and ten little toes, Logan is just perfection – not to mention, he made quite the adorable prince Winking smile

LoganEllmer_Newborn_0021    LoganEllmer_Newborn_0035

Baby Girl, Charlotte | Newborn Session

We are sincerely honored that our clients value the images we create for them!  There are so many memorable moments in people’s lives, so it brings us joy when we get to photograph them.

Charlotte’s newborn session is one of those momentous occasions!

We’ve known this amazing family for quite a long time, so when we received a phone call that Charlotte was born, we could not be any happier for this family of 3…now turned family of 4.

Here are just some of our absolute favorites from this beautiful newborn session…

LIN_3864     LIN_3907


Big Brother Jack is absolutely smitten with his little sister!  This face says it all…

LIN_3919 copy