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Ana + Chris | Beach Maternity Session


There’s absolutely no doubt in our mind that when it comes to momentous occasions, professional portraits should be taken.  Photographs of such events are what we look back on, cherish, and pass down to future generations.

10 years ago, we photographed Ana and Chris’ wedding.  So when we found out they were expecting their first child, we were extremely honored to be a part of this next chapter in their lives.  This wonderful couple appreciates photography and what the images mean.  For that, we are forever thankful they consistently contact us!

Ana and Chris, congratulations on this amazing journey you are about to embark on.  We cannot wait to meet Christopher, Jr. and see the amazing parents you were destined to be.








Celeste + John | Maternity Session

Celeste and John’s story is nothing short of amazing!  Perhaps you’ve heard the term “Rainbow Baby”, but if not, it has the most heart touching meaning.  So when the time had come to photograph this momentous occasion, we could not have been any more excited/flattered/honored for this wonderful couple.

We always encourage our portrait clients to bring “props” of sentimental value.  For Celeste and John, it was 3 single roses, one of which was a Rainbow Rose.  It was perfection!

Celeste and John – A beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better.  Here’s to you and your beautiful little girl, who we are so anxious to meet!





Stephanie and Brian are Expecting!

It’s been almost a year since we photographed Stephanie and Brian’s wedding, so when we received the exciting news that their family of 2 would soon become a family of 3, we couldn’t help but share in the excitement of their great expectation!  In just a few short weeks, these ‘soon-to-be’ parents will welcome their handsome little boy into the world.  Yes, you read that correctly – just a few. short. weeks.  Stephanie makes pregnancy look fabulous, doesn’t she?!  And let’s not forget to mention that she and Brian braved the 94 degree heat on this particular day.  Such dedicated models!!  😉

Steph and Brian – you two have had quite the amazing year!  First, your wedding.  Now, a baby.  You truly deserve all of this happiness (and then some) that is coming your way.  We can’t wait to meet your little guy.  Congratulations!


Lena, Don and Soon-to-Be Baby Sofia

Let’s go back in time a bit..

Let’s go back 4 years ago, when we photographed Lena, Don and Soon-to-Be Baby Gianna.  That’s right.  That was FOUR YEARS AGO!  It’s as if someone hit the super high speed fast forward button.  And now, Little Miss Gianna will be a big sister.  Gianna (along with mom and dad, of course!) is so excited for Baby Sofia’s arrival, that she already has her “big sister duties” in mind.  And if you ask her what those duties are, prepare to laugh!

Lena, Don and Gianna – Congratulations on expanding your beautiful family and allowing us to document this occasion.  We can’t wait to meet Sofia!



Lauren and Mike Await Baby Girl’s Arrival!

First, came love.  Next, came marriage.  Then, they welcomed Leah and Jake.  Now, it’s awaiting the arrival of the newest addition to their family!  A baby girl is on her way, and this family of four can not wait to become a family of five.  Want to see their first “family” portrait?!  Check out their ‘Same Day’ teaser image by clicking HERE.

Congratulations, Lauren, Mike, Leah and Jake.


Amie and Mike are Expecting!

When you’re anticipating the arrival of your baby, one of the first questions that everyone asks is, “…so, is it a boy or a girl?”.  In Amie and Mike’s case, they’re not sure since they’ve decided to be surprised.  They anxiously await the birth of their daughter, Addison or son, Michael.  Either way, Amie, Mike and their families are super excited!  What’s your guess…girl or boy?!


Amie and Mike – with just 12 days left until the big announcement, we can’t wait to hear the great news.  We’re looking forward to meeting Addison or Michael!  Congratulations.  For more of Amie and Mike’s prenatal session, check out their personal Facebook album by clicking HERE.

Sharmi’ and Jaimian are Expecting

They exchanged nothing more than a glance during their college years, but it was the wonderful world of Facebook that got Sharmi and Jaimian to come together.  That was a few years back, and now, they are expecting the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Gianna.  For the prenatal session, Sharmi and Jaimian came fully prepared…with a little help from Grandmom-To-Be!  They brought along Gianna’s 3D ultrasound photographs, as well as a zebra print and hot pink wrap that goes with the theme of Gianna’s bedroom.


Sharmi and Jaimian – It was a pleasuring meeting you for the first time!  Our sincerest thanks for allowing us to capture this special time in your lives.  We look forward to meeting Gianna as well.  For more of their prenatal session, check out their personal Facebook album by clicking HERE.