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Santino + Vincent’s First Birthday!


What do you get when you take two adorable twin boys, put them in a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse set and place a tasty vanilla cake in front of them?!  Well, other than a mess of cake sprinkles and colorful icing, you’ve also got the making of an explosively fun session!  This shoot was such a blast, that our cheeks still hurt from laughing.

These little gentleman are always smiling, which makes it such a pleasure to photograph them.  What started with their very first newborn session, followed by their 6 month visit, and now a celebratory First Birthday session…the time has just flown by.  We’re just extremely humbled to have been the photographers through it all!

Happy Birthday to “Hurricane” and “Tino”…



CaponePhotography2017_004    CaponePhotography2017_005




Santino + Vincent | 6 Month Twin Boys

When we first met these two little gentlemen during their newborn session, sleep seemed to be Santino and Vincent’s favorite thing to do.  Now, what seems like it all happened in the blink of an eye, Santino and Vincent are  sitting up on their own…and SO full of personality!  Not to mention, these two brothers are completely in awe of each other.  It really is the cutest thing to see.

Here are a few of our favorites from this twin baby session, as we start off with Santino and Vincent in their very adorable #twinstagram shirts…


It’s obvious that they’re super excited to be HUNKS…




Santino + Vincent | Twin Newborn Session

Not too long ago, Alexis and Joe came to our studio for their maternity session.  Having a baby is most certainly a blessing, but having TWINS is double the love and excitement.  With a total of 20 fingers and 20 toes, these two gentlemen are absolute perfection!  We are so excited to have shared in this new “little family’s” joy, and we surely look forward to their next visits.

Here are some of our favorites from Santino and Vincent’s newborn session – which starts with this one we like to call “I wanna hold your hand”…