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Santino + Vincent’s First Birthday!


What do you get when you take two adorable twin boys, put them in a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse set and place a tasty vanilla cake in front of them?!  Well, other than a mess of cake sprinkles and colorful icing, you’ve also got the making of an explosively fun session!  This shoot was such a blast, that our cheeks still hurt from laughing.

These little gentleman are always smiling, which makes it such a pleasure to photograph them.  What started with their very first newborn session, followed by their 6 month visit, and now a celebratory First Birthday session…the time has just flown by.  We’re just extremely humbled to have been the photographers through it all!

Happy Birthday to “Hurricane” and “Tino”…



CaponePhotography2017_004    CaponePhotography2017_005