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Little Man, Luca | 8 Months Old

It’s a bird!

It’s a plane!

NO!!  It’s the most adorable miniature “Clark Kent” you’ve ever seen.

When Luca‘s parents contacted us for his next session, they gave us some clothing inspiration…Superman.  Without giving away too many hints on his upcoming 1 year session, this one was put together with the “oh-so-handsome Daily Planet reporter” in mind. Can you handle the cuteness overload?!






Baby Derek is 3 Months!

It seems like yesterday we were photographing Derek’s Newborn Session.  Yet, somehow, in the blink of an eye, 3 months went by before we knew it.  So when Derek’s mom contacted us to schedule this next milestone, we wanted to do something fun to show off his personality.  With the summer underway, it became almost natural for us to do a “beach theme” session.  Wearing the cutest of swimsuits and sitting up (all by himself, we might add) in an Adirondack chair, the Jersey Shore never looked so good Winking smile

Here are a few of our favorites from this baby session, but be sure to check out some others on our Facebook Page

DerekHing_3 Months_0008

DerekHing_3 Months_0015

DerekHing_3 Months_0032


Baby Girl Summer | 6 Month Session

Just 5 months ago, we had the honor of meeting Summer – an adorable blue eyed beauty!  During her newborn session, she brought along her mom’s wedding veil, as well as her mom’s very first teddy bear.  They were the perfect sentimental props.  However, this time, Summer brought some “props” that are far more sentimental than anything else…her mom and dad!

Here are some of our favorite images from Summer’s 6 month portraits…

SummerBrennan_7 Months_0048

SummerBrennan_7 Months_0026

SummerBrennan_7 Months_0028

Baby Girl session: Summer

There’s something about a little girl with a smile from ear to ear, big blue eyes and a FULL head of hair that makes you want to say        “Awwwe.”   Little Miss Summer has every one of those adorable      characteristics covered, with a matching personality to boot!      Honestly, Summer’s bubbly charm comes as no surprise since her mom and dad are such a wonderful couple.

Here are a few of our favorite images from Summer’s 3 month baby session ~

Really…can we talk about all of this hair!?  Too perfect!

SummerBrennan_3 Months_0028

We always encourage our baby clients to bring along any kind of sentimental pieces.  When Summer’s mom was a little girl, she collected teddy bears, so she brought along her very FIRST teddy bear to share with her daughter.

SummerBrennan_3 Months_0066

…And let’s not forget every little girl’s dream – her wedding day!  As another little “prop”, Summer got to play with her mom’s veil.

SummerBrennan_3 Months_0037

Baby Girl Marissa – 3 Months Old

Marissa is no stranger to a Capone Photography baby portrait session.  Just a few months ago, we had the opportunity to photograph her newborn session when she was just 8 days old.  In case you missed the “teaser”, be sure to get a sneak peek of it here.  And while she slept most of the duration of her Oh Baby! session, this time around, it was just a little different.  With a little help from an iPad and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we were able to get some of the most adorable facial expressions out of this precious little girl!

Marissa, Lauren and James – we can’t thank you enough for being such huge supporters of Capone Photography.  From an engagement session, to your wedding, and now your own family…it’s sincerely an honor being a welcomed part of your lives!


Baby Jack is Welcomed With Love!

Nicole and Brian started their relationship as high school sweethearts.  Yup!  High school!  And over the course of those years, they’ve maintained such an amazing bond that has turned into a beautiful family of 4.  Along with their adorable daughter Emma, Nicole and Brian welcomed their son Jack into the world.  For Nicole and Brian, life doesn’t get much sweeter.  We wish you all the absolute best!

Be sure to visit our Facebook page by clicking HERE to see this family’s ‘Same Day Teaser’.


Scott: 6 Months

From the very moment Scott sat down in front of our lens, he was nothing but adorable facial expressions that made our morning baby session so enjoyable!  It certainly came as no surprise that this little guy is the complete opposite of camera shy, but at 6 months old, Scott’s got personality far beyond his baby months!  We can’t wait to see all of that happiness again when he turns one.


To see Scott’s ‘Same Day Teaser’ photo on our Facebook page, be sure to visit our page by clicking HERE.

Harper: 9 Months

Harper was just 3 months old when she came in for her very first Capone Photography session, and she got to play dress up in her dad’s police uniform.  During her second visit at 6 months old, she decided that the cop badge would be replaced by a beautiful dress complete with rose petals.  And now for her 9 month session, it was dress up time once more with a pair of camouflage pants, zebra print tutu and a “My First Halloween” shirt…complete with a pumpkin.  Harper certainly has a wardrobe collection!


Harper – we can’t believe that in just 3 more months, you will be turning one.  The time sure does fly by and we are so happy we’ve been able to capture these past 9 months.  Fore more images of her baby portrait session, check out Harper’s personal Facebook album by clicking HERE.

Michael: 6 Month Portraits

During Michael’s newborn session, Amie and Mike brought along a Les Paul guitar for us to incorporate into the images.  This time, for Michael’s 6 month portraits, Amie and Mike drove a 1972 Corvette Stingray to our studio as the next “prop”.  A pretty awesome prop we might add!  We actually discussed this session during their very first shoot and we couldn’t wait for the time to come.  Baby Michael has grown up so fast and was such a little heartthrob in his black leather jacket, jeff cap and sunglasses.


Amie, Mike and Michael – we’re not trying to rush or anything, but before you know it…Michael will be driving that T-top in no time!  😉  For more images of Michael’s 6 month baby portraits, check out his personal Facebook album by clicking HERE.

Brooke Lynn: 9 Months

Bows, pearls, tutus and a pair of designer slippers by Stuart Weitzman.  It’s just another day in the life (and baby session) for Brooke Lynn!  😉  She is such a pleasure to photograph, but we already knew she would be!  Brooke is the daughter of some really great people.  Clients…friends…of ours, who we’ve had the pleasure of knowing and photographing for quite some time now.  We always love catching up with this loving family.


Brooke, Cassidy, Melanie and Bob – as always, another terrific session.  Thank you all so much!  For more images of Brooke Lynn’s 9 month portrait session, check out her personal Facebook album by clicking HERE.